Is India secular?

A just another casual conversation: Two strangers, A Hindu Girl (HG) & a Christian Nun (CN) meet in the bus. After sharing a smile, their conversation continues. CN: Hi, what do you do?… Continue reading

I’m bored – Pls fire me!

With the news of Rory Cullinan’s (Head of Royal Bank of Scotland) sudden departure from the bank within weeks of his “I’m bored” photos going viral over the internet, I couldn’t help but… Continue reading

The Himalayan God!

Right from child hood, I have always heard and believed that the major Gods of Hindu religion all live in the Himalayan range. All the good old saints and the gods who sustain… Continue reading

Is passion in work overrated?

Passion – An obsession, a craze, a yearning desire, a blind rage! These Synonyms of passion lead to just one meaning – an uncontrollable emotion! By keeping your emotions at bay, reach a… Continue reading

Why do Indians suck at Marketing?

Being raised in an Indian society, I have always been taught the one thing. “Don’t boast anything. Your work (deed or anything under the sun) should speak for itself!” And the society itself… Continue reading

So when’s the Tamil new year exactly?

Exactly 14 days back, I celebrated the English new year and tomorrow I’m waiting to celebrate the debatable Tamil new year. However, I’ve still not made up my mind whether to celebrate it… Continue reading

It’s not rocket science!

When NASA decided to send a man to outer space, I was very excited. What can possibly cause so much excitement to the man kind than to step on the soil of outer… Continue reading

A better leader?

When I was reading accounts of various wars that had happened in the past, this particular piece invoked my curiosity. Whenever the wars were happening and the camp had to be stored in… Continue reading

An IT Guy!

“Anna Marathalli!”, I exclaimed at the auto driver. He was the 10th auto driver in the last 5 minutes who rejected my plea to take me to my respective destination. 30 rupees extra… Continue reading

The King’s era

Being fascinated by history, I always wanted to know what the past looked like. This love of the past didn’t let me towards inventing the time wheel (yet) nor towards consulting the occult… Continue reading