Do Planets influence our lives?

With the advancement of Science and technology, the mankind has stepped on the Moon and we have evolved to even think around colonizing the planets in our Milky Way Galaxy. However, even after… Continue reading

Induism in HongKong – 5

For the next post in this series, we will cover on the threads. Yes! A thread! A thread is known for sewing a garment or tying up something. And it’s quite surprising on… Continue reading

Why Katappa killed Bahubali?

Katappa, the loyal and pious slave killed his own King. He killed the very own boy he raised! And surprisingly he still adores the man! – These were the primary thoughts that boggled… Continue reading

Induism in HongKong – 4

The next post in this series, we will cover on the form of offering given to Gods. 1. Worshiping the Lord of the land: This observation was made in the Wong Tai Sin… Continue reading

Is there Plastic in nature?

None of us need more Chemistry 101’s to know the presence of them in our Chemical lifestyle. Fluoride in tooth paste; Chroline in Water; Sulphur in Sugar; Ammonia in hair dye; Lead in… Continue reading

What did you cook for God today?

Of the 33 million Gods in the Hindu religion, there are a set of dedicated Family Gods (kula deivam in Tamil) for every family. As the name describes, these were the great people… Continue reading

Mahabharatam = World War?

It doesn’t matter which day it is, just turn out a few pages of any newspaper and you will find this: enmity; hatred; threats; fist fights; terrorist attacks; cyber attacks; war for oil;… Continue reading

Is the Moon male or female?

Take any Tamil (Telugu, Hindi or any Indian song), the hero always talks to the moon to pass on the message to his loved one or compares the Moon to the features of… Continue reading

When’s the Indian New Year?

As we say, life is a full circle and so is the beginning of a new year. For the purposes of calculation, we just start some where and exit else where. The Chinese,… Continue reading

What’s in a name?

The name Ashwini is written as Ashwini. But, if it is written as Ashhwineee. Then, it is very evident that I have recently visited a Nameologist or a Numerologist expert. Not so long… Continue reading