Do not disturb!

        I recently came across this “Do Not Disturb” sign. I just loved it. Adding a few more to this from my side.. 🙂 I am having a sound sleep / I am… Continue reading

My sketches…

Few of my sketches using my Android mobile… 🙂

Missing link

I remember the day when the phone was finally installed in our house. I was probably in my 6th grade.After months of desperate waiting after placing an order, the phone just came in… Continue reading

Having fun – The Indian way!

  I just came across a saying that, “Indian parents tend to treat their kids as adults and adults as kids” (which is almost true btw 😉 ) Just a small illustration of… Continue reading

Foodie Jan

Lately I had been really bored in my life.. Life has some how struck me hard to make me stick to the usual routine…. Well… sticking to the routine made me feel that… Continue reading

CSAT (Lesson learnt)

Management concept: ONE dissatisfied customer can turn off many prospective customers I have come across this line so many times… When ever I read either Harvard blogs or some of the management books,… Continue reading

The Lost Symbol..

Ever since I finished the book “The Lost Symbol“, I have literally gone crazy on neotic science, mind power & the magic of thinking “BIG”!! Neotic science as a branch of science is… Continue reading

!(Fitness Freak)

When I tried a face book application to find what I was in the past, it told me that I was Einstein… Not to deal with my old pride of E=MC2, I thought… Continue reading

Scent of a book.

An old feeling newly felt. Opening a freshly printed book is always exciting. Right from school to now, whenever I open a new book, a different feeling just crosses me over. Opening the… Continue reading

On a rainy day

Gone are the days when we used to get fried/deep fried like a french fries under the hot sun! (I guess I am hungry now! 😉 ) Its raining! Raining now!! Hurrah!!! 🙂… Continue reading