What is your strength? – A must asked interview question which always gets a well prepared answer.. I’m a perfectionist.. I need everything in and around my life to be perfect.. A perfectly… Continue reading

Happiness in the air!

I met her when I was three.. She lived opposite to my house.. I have no idea when we became friends but as long as I could trace back, she was always there..… Continue reading

What’s it like to be a billionaire?

When Ambani’s try to create Antillas or when Mittal’s daughter gets the most expensive wedding in the World or when Mallya’s do this & that.. I wonder only one thing… Oh! Man! what’s… Continue reading

The sign language

Language is a funny thing.. It was started to unite people, to make it easier for people to communicate.. Well now, language separates everyone more than bringing them together. When you reach someone… Continue reading

Happily ever after..

It was a lazy sunday noon.. Had quite a good brunch.. Had browsed the net the previous day and had a solid hour by hour plan on how to spend the Sunday in… Continue reading

The Phew moment..

A lot of times we have lived through the situations which looks like the worst nightmares than to realise that it’s just over.. 🙂 The sense of happiness, relief mixed with the earlier… Continue reading

Days are longer….

             I remember this question very particularly.. As this was one of the intriguing questions that I wanted to find the reason behind: “Days are longer and nights are shorter in Summer”… Continue reading

Sivagamiyin Sabatham – Sivagami’s vow

               Tribute to a great book (Sivagamiyin Sabatham – Sivagami’s vow) that I have read in quite some time.. This book talks about the twists and turns that life throws at a… Continue reading

My sketches.. (Part2)

Again.. adding a few of my sketches from my Android mobile using Paint Joy app.

The 29 mins..

      It was just another regular day.. I was waiting in the bus stop for a volvo.. time passed.. not even a single volvo in sight.. my mobile was playing its usual guitar beats..… Continue reading