Star Gazer

Lying flat on the terrace, mind totally still, eyes just staring at the clear blue sky. I ask myself, Wow! Who could have really invented this infinite space of nothingness! A window seat… Continue reading


I like the word “GOD”. All loving, ever forgiving, non judgmental person ever. When all hell breaks loose and we are in the bottom point of the well, we see a light above… Continue reading

The unsaid story of a kitchen fly..

Being a consultant is pretty much like a nomad. All you have in life is a laptop bag and when you find a place to sit, all you do is power up your… Continue reading

Sanitizing my perception

10 years back, I picked a book from the biography section. I honestly don’t remember who the author was or worse about whom the author was talking about. All, I remember is I… Continue reading

The other side of the equation

Two weeks back, a major festival for the Hindu community got over. This festival is called Diwali, which means the festival of lights. Being raised in this religion, its a special day for… Continue reading

The essence of smile

It was a long, hard day at work. Feeling a bit exhausted and tired, I started off to my home. My mind wandering on its own World, I walked towards the bus stop… Continue reading

Patience or Patient?

In this age of instant messaging, instant coffee and instant noodles, where does this concept of Patience ideally fits in? What’s wrong in jumping with joy while expecting my results? What’s wrong in… Continue reading

The Sita Syndrome

I hate Lord Ram. I keep saying this and I keep hearing this from a lot of people whenever the topic of Ramayana comes in or when the discussion of an ideal husband… Continue reading

The blueprint

Is everything in our life pre-decided and the entire blue print of our life already laid out? And our only sole job in life is to figure out what the blue print meant… Continue reading

Snap decision

It was a pleasant evening.. I was returning from the office after a pretty long day. I boarded into the bus and took the seat.. Having got a comfortable seat, I brought my… Continue reading