Quiz: How much of an Hindu are you?

Every other day, we turn the pages to see anti-Hindu protests lined up for different set of issues. While it is definitely good on one hand, it is painfully difficult to see how much we are losing the balance. This quiz attempts to find out how much of an Hindu we are:

Evolution (Science or Story)?


Science: You believe that the dasavatharam of Lord Vishnu means the evolution of life forms on Earth. From the water borne (macha or matsya) to the most expected Kalki. You are super excited on how our ancestors found out the evolution of Earth before Charles Darwin and portrayed in such a great way!Manu caste

Story: You also believe in Manu dharmam (varnasara dharmam) on how human beings were created and are divided into 4 castes depending on the part of the body they originated. (Brahmin from head, Sathriyan from Shoulder, Vaisyan from thighs and Sudran from feet). You also believe Brahmins belong to the upper class in Hinduism and this is the perfect system that the Gods have created.

Disrespect for your beliefs (meat eater vs criminal)?

It is definitely important to stand up for your beliefs. There is just no doubt about it. You were rightfully angry when an Australian ad showed Lord Ganesha as eating meat.


However, You were not angry when a Hindu leader Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Mutt called all the Hindu Gods are criminals.


The COW (food or leather?)

Every part of Cow is God and hence you do not wish to eat it. However, you proudly own leather shoes, bags, sofas and belts.

PS: In India, 4 out of 6 largest beef exporting companies are owned by Hindu Brahmins.

Beef vs leather export



If you have answered yes to all the above, forget about being how much of an Hindu you are. You are just a plain old hypocrite.