BJP Victory = Hinduism Victory?

BJP has won a victory again. With this, BJP has managed the Lotus to bloom in majority of India. The BJP supporters call this the victory of Hinduism whereas the non-supporters look at the vote bank they have lost (even though they have won the election) and continue to say that BJP’s doomsday is near and this BJP’s madness towards separating people by religion should stop.

Let’s explore:

Mahatma Gandhi who was very instrumental in getting Independence for our nation united people by saying he will establish Rama Rajyam (Kingdom of Ram). He kept chatting “Hey Ram!” and this was the supposedly last thing he said when he died.

  1. BJP is also chanting that they will establish Rama Rajyam in India and people are now supporting him in his cause. Why support Gandhiji and reject BJP here?
  2. Yes. Gandhiji also said his Rama Rajyam could mean just the Kingdom of God and not necessarily an Hindu God. And isn’t the same thing BJP is saying now that they will treat all religions equal?
  3. If India united commonly under Gandhi in the name of Ram Rajyam, why do we suspect that India will not be united and will be under constant riot when under Hinduism? Aren’t we having enough riots even when we are a secular nation?
  4. 13 countries have Christianity as their official religion, 2 have Buddhism as their official religion and no country has Hinduism as their official religion. India gave birth to this religion. What exactly would be the problem if this was India’s official religion?
  5. When Mughals ruled, they constructed their places of worship all over India. With India having so many temples and good old Indian Kings kept constructing such huge temples all over the place, why is it so difficult for us to think that India was once an Hindu nation and Induism was once an official religion of this land??

Why is that BJP’s win or loss tied directly to Hinduism’s victory or loss? Would we consider it is a Muslim religion’s loss when a member of Indian Union Muslim League loses an election?

It’s time we ask ourselves on what exactly is the reason for our fear and hypocrisy!!