What is Sani Peyarchi?


Today marks the day of  Saturn Transit (Sani Peyarchi  சனிப் பெயர்ச்சி). This means Saturn is transitioning from one zodiac to another. Around 5Lakhs of people are estimated to be in Thirunallar temple (a temple dedicated for Sani), whereas thousands are pondering over their horoscopes and wondering how did our ancestors manage to find the exact time of this transition (19 Dec 2017 at 10:01 AM) and are mesmerized with it.

Let’s now start dissecting the popular thoughts.

Why Tamilnadu?

Why did our ancestors create Navagraham temples (dedicated for individual planets) only in Tamilnadu? – If North India and Kailasam were the prominent places of Hinduism, why build these temples here? What’s the significance of building it in Tamilnadu? Tamilnadu is a wide spread place. In that case, why build 9 temples just around Kumbakonam? (More info on Navagraha tour in a day here)

Thirunallar and NASA:

“A satellite sent by Nasa, while going round the globe, slows down automatically when it crosses a particular spot over the Saneeswarar temple (a Hindu temple dedicated for Saturn), in Thirunallar, Tamil nadu” – This message is been sent and shared a million times on all social media platforms. Let’s analyze.

  1. Is this information present in NASA’s website? – No
  2. Ok. Why does NASA have to research on that? It is a platform of US Government and why do we want them to look and validate at our temples? Didn’t we have our own ISRO which is far better than NASA? Why do we always want Westerners to qualify our work?
  3. And what does our ISRO head have a say on that?  – Short answer: It’s fake news.

Everything our ancestors did was super cool:

Agreed. Our ancestors did everything great. Everything was for a reason. But, are we doing the job properly of safeguarding that information and transferring it to the next?

Let’s take a simple example of zodiac signs. For eg., Kumbam raasi (image on the left) was always denoted in Tamil as this. This is placed at homes, temples and pretty much everywhere in Induism. However, a Western way of Kumbam zodiac is kept like this. (A water flowing out of a jug – image on the right) and this is how they depicted the Kumbam (Aquarius zodiac)

Kumbam Traditional

Just google rasi palangal for Kumbam and you will find the image on the right by all prominent astrologers. Just zoom in and you can find the Kumbam image here.

Kumbam new

This raises a few questions

  1. Every other zodiac across the World mean the same thing. How did people get confused with this Aquarius  zodiac alone?
  2. A zodiac is nothing but an alignment of stars. If the shape of the zodiac itself is wrong, how can we predict the points of the stars and predict the future of us?
  3. We know what’s a kumbam and how does it look. However, give it another 10-20 years, our future generation might lose track of this and this Western kumbam symbol will be the symbol of the future.

I leave the rest to our future generations who will believe in this new found image of Kumbam and start writing their thesis on that.