Solving FakeNews Problem – The Indian way

Fake news


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them!” – Albert Einstein

With this above quote as an ever-lasting truth, let us attempt to resolve the #FakeNews problem by questioning the fundamentals.

1. Gossip and false news are always common. Why is it so important now? — Because, FakeNews made people alter their choices and we believe the result of a super power’s election was swayed because of this.

2. Why do people create Fake News (or alternative truth news?) — Whoever has more money, controls the media and hence the need for alternative source of information.

3. Why do parties need to promote the Candidate? — A single “hero” is expected to sway the country away. But the common man has not heard of him and his skills. Hence, supporting parties need to promote this candidate and opposition needs to talk about his negatives.

4. Where do parties get money anyway? — Well! There’s this thing called “lobbying” where the rich give more money to the party and the party in turn favors them with policies and tax cuts.

5. How can I judge someone I don’t even know of? — I can only predict someone’s thought process after I have known them for years. How can choose someone with this information anyway? Well! Worry not! That’s when the billion dollar media comes in to give you completely biased information and you get to decide on whom to do want to vote!

6. Finally, Does the common man get benefited? — Well! Democracy has now been meddled with crony Capitalism and hero worship and unfortunately, this is what you get.

This is the same trait followed in most countries these days. Instead of this time consuming and heart-rate increasing approach, we can do a simple thing instead so the common man’s time and energy are not wasted.

The Elephant way: This is an approach followed in ancient India where the temple Elephant is given a garland and it roams around the territory. Whomever it considers perfect, throws the garland at them and they are chosen as the king to govern the place!! Advantages of this approach are:

  1. Billions of dollars saved on lobbying, marketing!
  2. No reason to spend Million dollars on Fake News!
  3. And as usual, the common man hopes that the King saves them! 🙂

Target achieved! 🙂