Why are our Gods stolen? – Part1


Every other day, as we turn the newspaper, we come across the idol theft (Silai kadathal in Tamil) that is happening in our country.  In just the past 2 months in tamilnadu,  6 panchaloha statues have been looted from Perungudi, another one from Vellore, 2 maragatha lingams seized in Erode and 3 Panchaloha statues have been seized in Vellore.

What is happening here?
India Pride Project, that aims on bringing our Gods back home, has estimated that around 70000 artifacts are stolen out of our country and we are in a position to recover a meager 60.

What is the need to have 70,000 pieces stolen?
Why is there suddenly such a huge demand for our temple idols?
What are they exactly doing with these idols?

The only reason we have known so far is “Foreigners are ready to pay more for these idols“. Why are they ready to pay more?

Let’s explore this from a rational point of view.

Is this due to Gold?
The panchaloga statues (பஞ்சலோகம், ஐம்பொன் in tamil) are known for having Gold in their composition and are sold for its value.

1. If so, the statues should have been broken the minute it reaches there – however, the people who obtain it are maintaining it in great condition.

2. Is there scarcity of Gold in these nations that requires them to buy the small amount of Gold left in our statues? – This doesn’t seem right as well as we can still see smuggling of Gold from other foreign countries to India.

3. Our traders are not stupid. If this accounts for so much value, wouldn’t they break the idols and take the necessary items and just export it? – Why do they have to go with such a strenuous effort to safely transport the idols across Continents?

4. Panchaloga statues – as the name suggests is made up of 5 elements namely Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass and Lead. How much Gold can someone really get out of this?

The answer doesn’t seem to lie in Gold. So what else could it be?

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