The AI Monster

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. From the good old baristas to the top notch brain surgeons. AI’s are gonna be literally everywhere and they are gonna replace us all. Well! What does this replace mean? – They are going to take away our jobs! And as they quickly colonize, very soon we might even be under the rule of these robots.

Should we be worried?

No. We shouldn’t be worried that we will be under a AI monster in the near future. Instead, we should be worried to be living in a society that glorify these scientists and technologists and not keeping a tab on them. This “so called” technological advances that we take everyday should be improving the way of our lives right?

What exactly is a way of life?

Is this technological advances, in any way helping us achieve the sense of peace, satisfaction, contentment, patience, a sense of sharing, love and friendship? All this talks about is how do I understand more about someone and exploit them. How do I create strategies so that I can enslave them?

When did selling groceries and an assistant deciding which movie I would like became a cutting edge technology? And when was it ever glorified as an art in the past? And can you consider even it to be great when you wear your common-sense-hat?

Science used to be awesome when it had the simple goal of uncovering the truth and help people out. However, this science is far far away!!