I’m Jesus

A conversation with God.

Ash: Hi Sam! I’m gonna tell you a little secret! “I’m Jesus” and I have come to see you.
Sam: That’s funny.

Ash: Why is it funny?
Sam: Well! It is because I don’t think you are God and stop making fun of him.

Ash: But it is true! I’m Jesus and you’re talking to me.
Sam: Well! I don’t think we can see God.

Ash: I’m here right in front of you, talking to you. Why do still say you can’t see me. Didn’t people see Jesus in the past?
Sam: Well! They did. But now, we can’t see him. And more over, Jesus is a male and not an Indian female.

Ash: Well! You know I’m God right. I can take different forms. Earlier, I took the form of a Israel male. Now, I’m taking the form of an Indian female. Is that enough evidence to convince you?
Sam: Hmm. No way.

Ash: So, tell me Sam, How else can I prove myself?
Sam: Well! You should know the Bible. The signs of the last days are written all over. That’s when God comes down to Earth. There will be chaos all around with natural turbulence all over. That’s when the World will end.

Ash: Well! Isn’t this what happening already?
Sam: Yeah! But you don’t show any signs of God. No powerful light around you, no birds or animals drawn towards you.

Ash: Are you so drawn towards my power of my miracles than anything else? Is that why you worship me?
Sam: Well! No.

Ash: Well! Then what else is stopping you? How else do you wish to be convinced?
Sam: May be you can come in my dream to indicate me that you’re Jesus and then I will believe you.

Ash: Really? Wouldn’t you dismiss me as a case of over-imagination or an extended form of hallucination?
Sam: Well! Yeah! But you definitely can’t be Jesus.

Ash: I’m surprised. I came down all the way to meet you because of your faith in me and you still choose to disbelieve me. I would be thrilled if people knew what their God was instead of having some image loaded up in their heads. So, please tell me.. How can I prove it to you that I’m your God.