What is Kanda Shasti?

Today marks an auspicious day in Tamilnadu and the celebrations and prayers have already begun. The day marks the greatness of Soora Samharam (சூர சம்ஹாரம்) – an Asuran named Soorapadman who was allegedly killed by Lord Murugan. Leaving aside the other queries, let’s focus on the popular items that we follow till date.

1. First and foremost, What’s the meaning of Shasti? The very word (சஷ்டி) doesn’t have all Tamil alphabets. How was this word assigned to Lord Murugan, a Tamil God.

2. Soora Samharam is telecasted live from Tirechendur, a padaiveedu of Lord Murugan. What’s this padai veedu? (literal translation means war house). Is this what it really means?

3. Lord Murugan like Krishna and Rama waged a war. Why are we not having the padai veedu (war houses) for Lord Rama and Lord Krishna?

4. Why are there exactly 6 padai veedugal and why is this present only in Tamilnadu? Why don’t we have a training house near his home (The Himalayas) and why didn’t his dad, Lord Siva create padai veedu throughout India?

5. Lord Murugan had married his first wife Deivayanai after he achieved victory from this war. If that’s the case, how come there are sanctum sanctorum (karuvarai in Tamil) dedicated for his wives too? These women were not a part of his life when the war was waged. What are we missing here?

6. We all have heard of the famous “Sutta pazham venduma, sudatha pazham venduma” conversation between Ovaiyaar and Lord Murugan. Ovaiyaar and others have sung a lot of songs on Murugan throughout the course of history. Instead, why do we focus on only Kanda Shasti Kavasam written by Bala Devaraya Swamigal in the 16th Century? What happened to the other songs written by so many other people throughout the time?

7. According to Wikipedia and my common observations, we see people chanting Kanda Shasti Kavasam for 36 times during this day. What’s the significance behind this number? Atleast 48(1 mandalam = 12 zodiac + 9 planets + 27 stars) and certain other numbers mean something!

8. We say Murugan is a Tamil God. A God who has always expressed his love for Tamil language since the Tamil sangam ages and why on Earth would he accept the prayers in temples when done in Sanskrit?

9. Lord Murugan has two wives, a celestial wife named Deivayanai (an alien? – a green skinned lady from a different planet) and an Earthly wife named Valli (an adi dravidar – a caste which we till date treat as untouchables)

It’s time we explore the basics behind everything we do and try to seek divinity in a more rational way. Trying to throw away a great thing called brain will not help us get anywhere!