The Death Of Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the God’s language; the holy language of the Hinduism; The only language the Gods speak; the only language the Gods understand. The entire mysteries of the Earth is all cryptically loaded in the Vedas and it all can be answered by Sanskrit.

And what if you are anti-Sanskrit, this literally means you are atheists, you don’t believe in Gods; you are too immature to comprehend things; you are finally anti-Indian – you don’t have respect for your ancestors.

Let’s analyze this situation by jumping into a similar incident that happened a few hundred years ago.

1. The Latin language had once its godly status in Christianity and the bible was only in Latin. The patronizers of the Church (all of them) were expected to perform their duties ONLY in Latin. For the Europeans, Latin was the holy language; the language of the Gods; the only language their Gods spoke; only language that should be used for all communication and practices.

2. Those who were against it (anti-Latins) were considered unforgivable sinners and dis-believer of Gods and they could be easily punished by law.

3. But the European continent having several languages to its belt and had natives who really loved their language. But, due to these crazy Latin fanatics, a natural love towards your mother tongue was considered a sin.

4. However the European people really yearned to read, practice and perform duties that are present in their Bible in their own mother tongue.

5. The Church (which saw this as a loss to its power) naturally spread the message that, “Loving your mother tongue is against the law of the religion” and you should perform all duties only in Latin and any other such behavior would result in unforgivable sins. And as an extension of the above thought, they tried to make the divine language Latin as the language of the commons.

6. This triggered the native tongue loving people against the Churches. And in 12th Century, Peter Waldo translated the Holy Bible in French. This translation spread like a wild fire.

7. This again, naturally ignited the Church. Up until then, Latin was the supreme language and with this fierce love towards one’s mother tongue has brought that down. They believed this could be the end of religion. Hence, they propagated messages that only one language (Latin) can bring equality and fraternity among everyone.

8. This again led to serious fights and they criminalized the simple act of loving one’s mother tongue. This fight grew and went on to extremes. The ones that sided with Latin believed that, “Only learning Latin can lead to a great divine life; Serving Latin is a pure and sincere act of deed to God; Loving God equals loving God and the religion”. However the ones that sided with the native tongue believed, “The ones who cannot fight for their own mother tongue is worse than a coward; the ones who can respect their mother tongue can have the respect for their mother; the ones who can betray his mother tongue can go to any far-fetched steps to perform any nasty activities; the ones who don’t worship and adore is living a life of a lie.

9. As a result of this growing support for love, John Wycliff of Oxford University translated The Holy Bible in English in 14th century and released it in England, Germany and Bohemia.

10. The Church (as usual) passed down the message that the ones who are the ardent believers of God should not listen to this.

11. This did not stop the mother tongue loving Europeans. They gathered in streets to listen to the scriptures of John Wycliff.

12. The Church forced the Government to lash the people who are listening to this. The Soldiers did so. However, the language loving people stood there despite being whipped and listened to the glorious English version of the Bible.

13. Due to the bloody revolution and the tremendous sacrifices made by the mother tongue loving folks, the entire World woke up from its deep sleep and started performing the religious deeds and activities in their mother tongues respectively.

India and Induism are still sleeping!!!