Why should you eat meat this Purattassi?

When are you a true Indu?

Do you eat meat?
Ofcourse Yes! But only chicken and fish though. Beef (Cow) is god and I don’t eat that.

Hmm.. Okay.. So, do you eat meat everyday?
Well! Not really. I don’t eat meat on Monday (for Siva), tuesday and Friday for amman (lady goddess) and Saturday for Perumal. You know what, I even skip eating meat the whole month of Purattassi (tamil month from mid of Sept to mid of Oct).

(Mind voice)
Wow! I must be truly practicing my religion and therefore getting the divine blessings of God and people who don’t do that don’t fully comprehend the roots of this religion. Well! Time changes everything and there will be a time when these non-veg mongers truly appreciate the depth of Hinduism. 🙂

Come on!! Really?? Let’s jump into this
1. Lord Siva accepted Pork as offering(More on Kannappa Nayaanar here)
2. Lord Siva accepted Child meat (yes! Human child meat) as offering More on Pillai kari keta perumaan here
3. The food we serve to the goddesses are still meat. Kali loves fish and maariamman loves dry fish.
4. We say Induism is ancestor worship (kula deiva worship – family god) and we worship the deceased on ammavasai and still we don’t offer them the food they liked? (We eat meat, so did our ancestors who passed on to us).

How is it the food patterns of our loved ones immediately change after death from non-veg to veg? I really don’t understand. Why are we keeping on fooling ourselves on the basis of food. When there is a severe drought or an extreme fire where would our notion of food go? Who creates this notion of pure and impure food? Which god are we really trying to impress??

Why will the same Siva who ate Pork is not gonna be appreciative when you eat Pork? Well! I don’t even think even the Gods can answer our absurdity here. What’s the point in keep saying that Hinduism was built on great logic and we still continuing with illogical things?