Is Bill Gates’s Philanthropy worth it?


Every time, you purchase something at a mall, a cashier would just ask if you want to round up your bill so that the remaining change goes to the under privileged. Buy a pair of this ridiculously expensive shoes, a percentage of your sale makes a kid in Africa get a pencil. Donate some amount of money (and get tax exemption) to this world class NGO and we will help kids dying from malnutrition.

Every nook and corner we turn, we see people who are more human. We see companies which are keen on helping the poor and who wish to save the planet. Yet, why haven’t the state improved??

May be, isn’t our percentage of money enough? What about the money donated by Bill Gates (28 billion USD as of now) and of the great Philanthropists of our time? With so much money pumped out everywhere, why isn’t the situation improving? Why couldn’t we all live happily and merrily?

Let’s explore:
### Bill gates net worth as of now stands at 85.6 billion USD, whereas Sudan a country in Africa (whose population is around 40 million people) has a nation debt of around 50 billion USD ###

1. Do we need a much more bigger lens to examine this? To say that, the division of resources between the people of the World is not equal. How come just 1 person have resources which 40 million people of a Country share?
2. If we say, Bill Gates is a great Philanthropist. How come, he has not got into the notion of sharing all the money that he has to all the people who (atleast) work for him? Everybody is doing a job right? Why is there such a huge wage gap?
3. He is into all helping people. Why hasn’t he talked into even reducing the cost of the product he launches so that far more people can utilize it.

How is that you grab such a great fortune and throw away some peanuts to people and still call this the greatest humane activity? How can we achieve equality when one side of the scale is always going to be filled up? Will this notion of helping people out work out if we have no interest in addressing the root cause? Do we just want poor to be poor always? Is this the great social greatness mantra that we planned to achieve in the first place?

PS: I have got nothing against Bill Gates. He is just used as an example here. I AM Bill Gates and so are YOU!