Why in God’s name?

Why in God’s name can some one commit such an atrocity? He raped girls, used drugs, looted public property and he brain washed people to such an extent that they are willing to die for him. How can a man say that he is a messenger of God? How can he make false promises to people that he would make them attain muthi (salvation)? How can people fall for such a thing in this century? He swayed them all over with a bit of Pschycology and Hypnotism. It’s time we reclaim the lives of those people and the people of the future from falling for this religious madness.

My blood is boiling. How can a Hindu Saddhu, a Christian Priest or a Buddhist monk do this atrocity?? Well! Because of these incidences, I have lost interest in the whole religion thing. Well! Religion is just nothing but a group of power mongering people again.

Fast forward, 15 minutes later..
— A favourite blockbuster hero’s movie is releasing today. Not to mention that he just murdered a few people a few years ago.
— An idealistic Politician is meeting the media today for a new announcement for a better India. Not to mention that he has been acting like a self proclaimed King in a democracy and killing people of their basic right.

Is your blood boiling now?
No. Why not?

The reel hero and the Politician have the same fan base as that of the Guru. Both have followers according to their principles. We have seen these followers wage twitter wars and in-ground wars quite frequently. We know for sure that they have made huge crimes and why are we still not judging the morale ground of the entire Industry?

Why aren’t we shouting to change the laws and re-evaluate our stands on Democracy#? Why hasn’t there been a hue and cry to punish the hero and to save people from the madness of this Entertainment Industry?

Why is this sinful thing a non-tolerant thing for a religious Guru and an acceptable fact for a Politician?
Why is one such crime ready to demolish the credibility of the whole religion whereas repeated crimes still make us support Democracy?

Aren’t we all supposed to behave in a basic humane way? Why are we freeing the Politics and other Industries from this?

# For people, who think high of Democracy, you can check this short video on why Socrates hated Democracy.