Why so many accidents in SriKalahasti temple?


On a clear day, walking down the road and you meet with an accident, you may ignore it as a chance the first time. However, when this accident count increases to 2 or 3, the majority of the population immediately tries to see how their fortune is doing and try to get out of that risk.

Be it a logical or an illogical thing, a reason always seem to exist.
1. If you are into rational thinking, you talk about the butterfly effect (a butterfly tapping its wing in Mexico can cause a tornado in China)
2. If you are into science, you talk about Einstein’s theory (every action has an equal and opposite reaction)
3. If you are into astrological science, you talk about the movement of the planets that can cause this effect or past life, karma, future predictions etc.,
4. If you are into Philosophy, you talk on how everything is planned by the Universe and how every action has a meaning.

The vast majority of us try to minimize our problems by doing pariharams and one such major temple which specializes in doing pariharams in South India is Srikalahasti temple which is located in Chitoor, Andhra Pradesh. One thing that caught my eye was the list of accidents that has happened in the temple in the recent past.

Accidents in Srikalahasti (Chronological order):

  • 2000 – Kudamuzhuku (Kumbabishekam) happened. Could not track down the date
  • 2009 or 2010 – Vinayaka Swamy temple Kalasam fell down. Not able to track down the date. This was the precusor to the Raja Gopuram collapse
  • May 27th 2010 – 136 feet Raja gopuram collapsed killing 100 monkeys
  • 2012 – One Kalasam fell. Could not track down the date
  • 22nd Aug 2013 – Kalasam fell from Bikshala Gopuram
  • Aug 31, 2014 – Cracks in Mandapam (stottara Linga Mandapam) which is close to main temple.
  • July 4th 2016 – Idols in Bikshala gopuram fell down
  • Feb 4th 2017 – Massive fire accident and entire yaga salai got burned down. The new gopuram was inaugurated on 30th Jan 2017
  • Feb 8th 2017 – Kumbabishekam planned. But there is no news of it today.
  • Even with a basic clear mind, one can easily spot that something is fundamentally going wrong here. Could it really be a simple thing to have 7 accidents (recorded ones) in a temple?

    1. Why is that whenever a bad omen (kalasam falling down) happens in the temple, we predict only that the future is gloomy. Why is it never assessed in a holistic view??
    2. The Kumbabishekam here (and everywhere) calls for such great heads and scholars of Vedas and why is this still happening? Does this mean there is no power in what they say?
    3. Can I really account all the incidents as just accidental and say it is a human fault in managing the temple. If that’s the case, why do this temple (especially) specialize in pariharams?
    4. With so many events happened in this temple, does the Pariharams in this temple even work? Or is it just a great business model that is flourishing?
    5. There’s an old saying that suggests people not to live in places where no temples exist. The main scientific reason behind is that these Kalasams are lightning arrestors and the entire population gets saved by these gopurams. With so many kalasams falling down every where, does it mean that we don’t really what we are doing and still claim to be knowing it all?
    6. Why is that the tall mobile towers are not getting affected by the lightning and why does only the temple towers keep falling as victims in the recent days??

    What exactly are we missing here?