Did Science create Gods? – 8 (Aquatic)

Having had a close look at the wild animals, birds and reptiles man aniimal combination, let’s now have a look at the aquatic animals. Again, there’s no surprise that there are aquatic beings + human body combination and human head + aquatic animal body combination.

The Fish God:

1. The Fish God (Macha or Matsya avatar or Vishnu avatar of Induism). Male god with a fish body.

2. Fish God of Nepal (Matsya avatar of Induism)

Fish God of Nepal

Fish God of Nepal

3. Fish faced human body God of Induism (Matsya avatar)
vishnu matsya

4. Mermaid God of Puno, Peru.

5. The Greek God Triton who has fish tail.

6. Fish Man from 14 BC. Found in Hittite city, Hattusa Alaca Hoyuk, North Central Turkey
Fish Man Turkey

7. The Fish God Dagon whose reference is found in Hebrew bible.
Fish God Dagon

8. Fish God (female) of Africa known as Mami wata (Dona Fish)

9. Fish God (female) of Africa known as Mami wata. From Togo, Ghana

10. Fish God (female) known as Melusine from Europe (Italy).

11. Fish God (female) known as Sedna from Inuit Mythology of Canada.

12. Human head with fish body. Sedna (Sea Goddess). Present in Polar Museum of Canada.

We as a society keep saying that the mermaids are mythological and these are just the imagination of human mind. Until yesterday, we did not believe in the presence of Gondwana Continent (Kumari Kandam) whose reference is present in pretty much the entire Tamil literature. To look back at what our ancestors did, we only have these literatures and these age old sculptures as proof. How can we say, we are on a mission to improve when we don’t even understand what has been done in the past and what better can we do in the future?