Did Science create Gods? – 7 (Birds)

Having had a close look at the wild animals, livestock and reptile man animal combination, let’s now have a look at the birds. Again, there’s no surprise that there are bird head + human body combination and human head + bird body combination.

The Eagle God:

1. The God Garuda of Induism, who is represented as human with bird wings. Photo taken in Belur, Karnataka.

2. This ancient sculpture is found in Candi Sukuh Temple in Java, Indonesia. It’s so powerful that this creature has its one leg on an elephant.
Man Bird Candi Sukh temple

3. The God Garuda of Induism, who is represented here as a bird faced with human body. Sculpture present in Angorwat, Cambodia.

4. This ancient sculpture (Eagle head with human body) was found in Middle East, Sumeria.

5. Half man, half bird of Aleppo, Syria dating 900 BC

6. Horus of Egypt, a Falcon with a human body dating 544 BC

7. Kinnara (Male) and Kinnari (female). Sculpture found in Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia

8. Kinnara (Male) of Java

9. Gandaberunda. Sculpture found in Balligavi, Shimoga, Karnataka.

The usual question prevails! Do we still want to throw away this solid evidence as myth? Are we really living in a progressive society that we claim to be? We say the ancient men were nomads and we now the cutting edge technology and fashion. But is it so? Taking a closer look at these age old sculptures can certainly tell you the watches (image 4), clutches (image 5) and some really good sandals (image 6) our ancestors had and we still claim them to be the invention that our generation has made in the recent past.

Our technological advancement in the field of Xeno transplantation is just in the booming stage of tissue transplants, whereas the images that we have seen throughout this series has shown the solid proofs of limb transplants.

What exactly is blocking us from looking at our ancestors as people of great wisdom and knowledge? And why exactly do we have to separate God from Science?