Did Science create Gods? – 6 (Reptiles)

Having looked at the wild and reared animal + human combination in this series, let’s now have a look at reptiles.

The Snake God:

1. Rahu,a God in Induism. Who has a snake head and a human body.
Snake Head Human Body

2. In every nook and corner of India, we can find these sculptures of the snake Gods and Goddesses who have a human head and a snake body.
Human head Snake Body

3. Male and female Human Headed Snake Gods. Photo taken in Halabeidu, Karnataka.
Human Head Snake Body

4. Male and female Human headed Snake Gods of China (Fuxi and Nüwa).
Human Head snake body china

The Lizard God:

1. The mysterious Lizard headed male figures (Nomoli) of Sierra Leone, Africa

Lizard Head Human Body

2. 7000 year old Ubaid Lizard men of Mesopotamia. Lizard women breast feeding her kid.

Lizard Head Human Body

With just no evidence of such civilization (animal + human) anywhere in this planet, how is that the entire World at some point of time followed a same model of worship? How did they manage to create similar structures of worship throughout? With such solid evidences and similarities throughout the World, how can this be called as an accident?
And how did the once powerful objects lose its place?