Did Science create Gods? – 5 (Livestock)

This series focuses on the Science behind creating Gods and the presence of these half animal half human Gods across the World. In this, we will primarily focus on the animals that are reared (Pig, Goat etc.,)

The Boar (Pig) Headed God:

1. The male boar (pig) headed God known as Varaha. Known as the avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu. Sculpture from Aihole, Karntaka, India. Believed to be sculpted around 7th-8th century BC.
Varaha_Boar Headed Male

2. The Boar headed God found in Russia during an excavation in 2007. It is believed to be around 7th to 10th Century.

3. The female version of this Boar headed God. Commonly known as Varahi. Sculpture found in Puri, India
Varahi_Boar Headed Female

4. The Pig headed God of Taoism in China (Zhu Bajie)

The Goat Headed God:

1. Goat headed Male God Kushites from the early Nubian era.

2. Goat headed male God (Ram) from Egypt. Image found in British Museum.

3. Goat headed female Goddess (Vrishanana) from India. She can still be found in Indian Archeological Society.

Throughout this series, when we look at the sculptures of women Gods, we could find that the most of them fall in the current scale of fat and obese. And these women were considered Gods. Why were they not out-casted from the society like we do today? Does that mean that our new-age society has still not reached the maturity level our ancestors had? Were we fooled into saying that obese is something our generation has fallen into very recently? Why isn’t our look into the past considering these data as well??

Well! A museum is a place where we could sit, analyze, explore and study. When we could so much data just from sculptures all over the World. why don’t we still consider these places of worship as a museum instead??