Did Science create Gods? – 4 (Lord Ganesha)

Pilayar_True story

For the next topic in this series, let’s explore on the elephant headed God. To start off, let’s target on the common questions all of us have.

1. Who is this? What does his name mean?
2. Who are his parents?
3. Is it really true that the mighty Lord Siva chopped off his head?
4. Is this elephant headed boy (an alien) or a living form of the past generations who has now eradicated?
5. Did our ancestors create this individual using Science? And if so, why is he God?

The age old artifacts and the supplementing literature provides answers to these questions. Let’s start this from the very old and famous Tamil devotional song Pilayar Vanakkam.


Let’s look at the translation of this piece:

1. Om Pilayar Vanakkam = Greetings to Pilayar
Everywhere, we hear this elephant headed God as Ganesha. However in Tamilnadu, he is addressed as Pilayar (Pillai + yaar = Boy + Who = Who’s this boy?) The good old language Tamil always gives a reasoned name for every activity and hence the name. The people of that time were apparently quizzed on seeing a boy who walked with an elephant head and kept asking who’s the boy? Hence, the name Pilayar is set for him.

2. Characteristics of Pilayar:

Ainthu karathanai; yaanai mugathanai (You have five arms and you are elephant faced)
Inthin ilam pirai; polum yeyitranai (You have tusks that look like the crescent of a moon)
Nandhi magan thanai; gyana kolunthinai (You are the son of Nandi; You are the start of wisdom)
punthiyil Vaithadi potru gindreney! (I’ve placed you in my mind and I praise you for your greatness!

Every body who is Tamil would know this song. The 3rd line of this song very clearly states that Pilayar is indeed the son of Nandi. But why do we really think that he is the son of Lord Siva? Was he truly the son of Nandi? Could this Tamil sloka be right? Let’s jump on to Architecture.

Nandi (a bull headed female) is breast feeding her young son Pilayar.

With both literature and Architecture as proof of the past, can we truly say that Pilayar is indeed the son of Nandi?? If so, who created that confusion that Pilayar is indeed the son of Siva?

1. We say that Lord Ganesha is the primary God of Induism. If that’s the case, why are we not even bothered to analyze and look up on the facts on who’s is the father of him?
2. As we have already seen in the past posts, there are male and female elephant headed Gods, if so, why do we still believe that creation of Ganesha was just by accident?
3. If Nandi (male) and Nandi (female) were in fact born as super-humans (or aliens) and not created by surgical means, how could they possibly have a son with an elephant head?
4. The daily ritual of every God in every Indu temple is to put them back with their wives in their bedroom. And here, we have a God feeding her son. Why do we still want to believe that the Gods should be created only by super-natural means?

Why exactly are we still fighting on the type of vrata to take and/or enforcing the age old practices and beliefs and why are we not focused on understanding the scientific and rational thoughts of our ancestors? How is having a blind belief on everything called as true worship???