Did Science create Gods? – 3 (Elephant)

This series focuses on the Science behind creating Gods and the presence of these half animal half human Gods across the World. Would recommend you to read the prequel of this series first.

Did Science create Gods – Intro
Did Science create Gods – The Lion Headed God

The Elephant Headed (across the World):

1. Tibetan – Elephant headed God (Male) known as Ganapathi and it belongs to the 18th Century and is present in the American Museum of National History.
Elephant Head God_Tibet

2. Tibetan – Elephant headed God (female) known as Makaramukha dakini and she belongs to the early 19th Century.
Elephant Head_Female

3. The elephant headed warriors of Pegu, Burma (1479) and this is currently preserved in Ashmolean Museum, United Kingdom.
Elephant head_Burma_1479

4. Elephant Man, An African Vintage tribal art.
Elephant Man_African _Tribe_Vintage

5. The elephant headed God of Kabul, Afghanistan (5 BC)
Pilayar_5 BC_Kabul_Gardez_Afghanistan

6. The elephant headed God of Japan by the name of Kangiten

Kangiten (16 BC), Japan

7. The elephant headed deity of East Java (Majapahit of 15C)
Elephant Headed God_East Java

8. Elephant headed female (could not track her origin)

9. Elephant headed female of Candi Sukh temple, Java.
Elephant_Women_Candi Sukuh Temple_Java

10. Elephant headed God of Vietnam (7-8 BC)
Pilayar_Vietnam_7 8 CE

Why is this Elephant head + Human body combination so powerfully represented throughout the World? How did the entire World manage on to evolve on one idea of elephant + human combination? Every region has its own Ganesha representing its culture and tradition. If so, who gave that idea? How did that thought process evolve?

With over current day structures falling apart by just a storm, the age old temples (churches, pyramids etc.,) are the museums for us which could give us a glimpse to what has happened in the past. Why are we still not in a position to understand them that way??