Did Science create Gods – 2 (Lion)

The Lion Headed God:

This series focuses on the Science behind creating Gods and the presence of these half animal half human Gods across the World. Would recommend you to read the prequel of this series first.

Did Science create Gods – Part 1

1. The Lion headed male coming out of the pillar and killing Hiranyakasipu is a well known literature in India. This deity is very famous and he is worshipped very heavily by the Vishnu followers till date.
Narasimha_Lion headed male

2. Ofcourse! The usual question again. The female lion headed goddess. And as usual, there is no reference to her name nor her charasterictic, power etc., We all know in the Lion family, the female hunts. If the male lion human combination had exhibhited such raw powers, how much would a female lioness human combination would exhibhit? Why there aren’t any records of them? Or usual, we didn’t bother to preserve on them? (Could not track the source of this image)
Lion Headed Female

3. If these animal human combinations have exhibited such great powers and it was proved time and again. Wouldn’t it have spread all over the World as well? Well! The answer is yes! The below image is of a lion headed male which is believed to be 32000 year old and was found in Germany in 1939. (German Name: Löwenmensch = Lion Human)
Lion headed male

4. The male lion human combination of Egypt. Identified as Horus of Buto. Was present in Egypt and it is expected to be around 712-30 BC.
Horus of Buto

5. The lion human combination (female) was a primary form of worship in Egypt. And this Lion goddess was called by the name of Sekhmet. These statues were 3300 years old and were found in Amenhotep III near the city of Luxor, about 313 miles from Cairo.
Lion_headed_Goddess_3300 year old

6. This lion headed Goddess was found in the European Culture. From the Punic Temple at Thinissut or Bir Bouregba (Tunisia)

7. This altar with the Lion headed God was found in Bordeaux, France during an excavation in 1986 as part of Fouilles de Parunis and is believed to be during 175-225 A.D.

8. Simhamukha, the Lion headed Goddess in the Chinese Buddhism.

How is this Lion headed figure such a popular figure? How would we react when a animal headed human species roams around us? Would we have just like that given the control to them? Wouldn’t the entire World talked about mentioning this rare mixed species? Why aren’t any of such information anywhere? We talk about communication being at its peak now, how did our ancestors communicate then? How did pretty much half the World agree to settle on a Lion headed deity as its God???