Did Science create Gods?


We live in a World where Science has to constantly seek the permission of Religion to perform experiments. Be it abortion or to even say that the World is round, we need constant approval from the religious heads. And till date, we do have separate groups of people who believe heart and soul in big bang and the rest thinks on how stupid that theory is! 🙂 But, did our societies always lived like that? Why is it so important for religion to control Science? Did a time exist in the past when Science created Gods?

In Induism or be it any other old religion, from the age old artifacts that we get, we constantly see a half human – half animal species. Who are they? why are we worshipping them? We don’t see them living among us now? What could be the possible reasons? Let’s explore on these half human half animals in this series.

1. Could it be that they were once a living form (or aliens) of that age?
If that’s the case, we should have some fossil remains anywhere on this Planet given the widespread of these Gods all over the World. And Ofcourse! To be a God for pretty much the whole World, they should have been a top notch species and all our research there is pretty much futile!

2. Could it have been created by Science?
The modern day scients call this theory as “Xeno Transplantation” (transplantation between different species) and we have still not gone far in our research there. In Induism, be it our Pilayar (elephant headed male), Varahi (Boar headed female), Varaha (Boar headed male), Narasimha (Lion headed male), Nandi (bull headed male) etc.,

This theory ofcourse brings in a lot of questions. Let’s explore on this in a bit.

1. The Bull Headed God:
1. Every Sivan temple has this bull headed God. Mostly, represented just as a bull and we all know for fact that this God was indeed a bull headed Human.

2. If this was Science, why did they limit to male members only? Ofcourse! They should have tried it in female species as well right? The attached image represents a bull headed female taken from a temple in India. This brings down to the question. Why are we not worshipping her? What’s her name? What’s her favourite food? Whom does she protect?

2. The Elephant Headed God:
1. In every Indu temple, we see this elephant headed God (Pilayar, Ganesha, Ganapathi). And this God is the one any Indu will first worship before beginning any activity.

2. Does he have a female counter part? Again, what’s her name? Why are we not worshipping her? If this God is still present as sculptures in temples, how did we forget to worship her? Why we do not have Chaturthi like we do for Pilayar? If the male God is all powerful and Induism, if female power is all powerful, wouldn’t these female Gods be all powerful as well??

We keep fasting, chant mantras and offer generous funds in Hundials in temples. What exactly is the point? If we don’t even know whom we are praying to? What’s their form? Why were they created like that? How did we manage to ignore these all-powerful female Gods? How exactly can we say that we love our Gods, when we don’t even know their names even?

Ref: This Bull headed human (male statue) was acquired from Thailand.
Ref: This bull headed human (female statue) is from India (but could not trace the location)
Ref: This elephant headed human (female statue) is from India (Bhuleswar, Pune)