Did Periyar reach Heaven?


Atheists – People who disbelieve in the existence of Gods! Find any atheists and we all are ready to jump upon and tell them how they would eventually change their mind and the immediate family try all means to get them back into the game of god fearing, gold hearted individuals. But, why exactly we think that Atheism is wrong? And is it true for the believers to think and say that the Atheists will rot in hell? Let’s explore.

Let’s target the main things that the great Atheist(Naathigan in Tamil) of our time did (Thanthai Periyar) and explore this from the God believer’s (Aathigan in Tamil) point of view.
1. Spoke and wrote about God and how God isn’t a thing
2. Read all ancient manuscripts and eventually questioned God and the undermining belief system
3. Broke a Pilayar (Ganesha) statue.

According to an Aathigan (A God believer), he/she
1. Believes that saying and writing a God’s name is enough to forgive their sins and attain a beautiful life (eg., Christian and Muslim masses and prayers, writing the God’s name on the notebook 108 times or even reciting and hearing songs that adore God).
2. Believes that reading the books which talks about the God’s life will help you live a great life on Earth and eventually reach heaven. (Eg., reading Bible, Quran, Ramayanam, Mahabhartam etc..)

Didn’t Periyar basically did the same thing? He deep dived into all the articles and manuscripts on God and questioned the things which he didn’t understand or which he thought was stupid. How could we blame him when most of us have not read through these things in the level he has? How can we compare belief in front of rationalism? If we have to argue with him, shouldn’t we have a rationalistic view on things too? We believe that everything was done on a purpose in the ancient days, if that’s the case, why do we keep proving it otherwise by blindly believing everything that is being told? Why do we have an aversion to rationalist thinking which is nothing but using our brain?

Yes! Periyar broke a Pilayar statue that he personally made. And we hard core God-believers didn’t say a word when the divinely statues of our temple were being stolen on a daily basis. Well! Don’t we still throw away the calendars, wedding invitations and other objects which has the God’s photo printed on it? How different are we from the act of Periyar? How do we still say that we would go to Heaven whereas he wouldn’t?

Well! Hindus believe one can attain direct motcham (state of enlightenment) when they die during Vaigunda Egathasi. Well! Periyar did die during that period! If thinking and speaking the name of God can make you reach Heaven, Periyar did it a million times more than any of us even do? If that’s the case, why wouldn’t he have reached Heaven?