Hinduism and Graveyard


The next post on the series, “What happens when some one dies?” – let’s explore on the house of the dead! Yes! The very own graveyard where even the brave species dare to go! 🙂

When a closed one dies and the family gets ready to cremate or bury the dead, a Hindu woman would forcefully bid farewell from the house whereas the Hindu men would proceed on do the next set of ceremonies. On the other hand, a women of Christian faith would be allowed to go to the graveyard and be present until the body is buried. When a women is a women irrespective of the faith they follow, how is that it is treated as a grave act in Hinduism whereas a casual act in Christianity?

Well! Does that mean the Indu faith always forbids women from entering the graveyard? The answer is surprisingly No. During Sivarathiri, a popular Indu festival that is celebrated in the month of March, every individual (including the women and the kids) go to the graveyard, clean, decorate the tombs of their family members and offer food as a form of prayer. When Induism mandates the family to go to graveyard to offer prayers on an auspicious day, how is that it doesn’t allow women during death ceremony alone? And why is that people don’t visit graveyards regularly?

Isn’t the graveyards supposed to be the resting place for the souls? And shouldn’t that be a primary worshipping place as our worship just involves around worshipping our ancestors? How is that we are excited to visit Tajmahal and are scared to visit our local graveyard? How is that we are perfectly fine to live in a World of good and bad people and we still believe that the graveyard is full of bad souls? Doesn’t the good and even the Almighty God live there too? The most popular and primary Gods of the Indu religion (both Siva and Kali) manage to still live in the graveyard and why are we still scared of entering there??

Coming to the basics, every Indu household keeps stock of Vibuthi (thiruneeru) and it is nothing but a human ash. When a religion encourages and recommends you to keep a human ash on your forehead everyday, how is that it could forbid us from entering the graveyard?? How is that our Gods live in graveyard and we still believe that it is a haunted place? How is that we treat human ash as a sacred one and get scared of the place from where the ash is produced??

PS: As our boldness and strength dimmed day by day, our composition of vibuthi has evolved from human ash to cow dung ash to a compound of chemicals now!