Why do women cover their head?

Indian Women

As a member of the human race, most of us are consistent on one point. Let’s preserve the tradition, let’s not lose our values in our path of growth. Be it any religion, race, country, language, this is the same mantra that is repeated over and over. However, is that true? Are we really looking at preserving our values or are we focusing on the outer aspects of it and call that as our tradition? Let’s explore.

Let’s take hair for instance (yes! just hair) and see the so-called tradition and value system that is a part of it and how it complicates the system as such.

According to the conservative Muslim laws, a women of that religion is required to cover her head and face as this could be a source of corruption for men not related to them. This simply put, a women’s hair is so beautiful and women being beautiful beings on this planet try to beautify them even more. Men could easily be attracted to a women’s beauty and yes since we objectify women, we don’t want her to share it out in the public. Even with a very basic amount of rationale thinking, we know that this is stupid and we go on saying that the Muslim tradition is known for putting women down etc., But, do we stop there?

In Christianity, during masses and even Mother Mary does the same thing. Why do the Westerners don’t go for covering their head during masses and why do women here have to cover their head as a form of offering the prayer??

In Hinduism (primarily in Northern part of India), we celebrate women covering their head as a part of culture. It isn’t a hidden fact that Muslims invaded India and spread a lot of things from Biriyani to this process of women covering their head in India. Why don’t we call this act of women covering their head in India (in Hinduism and Christianity) as an act of objectification and claim that to be a beautiful tradition?

Yes! I know! We all are very good at reasoning and there would again be a million people who could blame it on the heat wave in the country and the scientific reason behind it or how this was a beautiful culture that brought in a mark of respect to the elders. If it was a beautiful reason, why force it? Wouldn’t people do things out of need? What is the great need behind forcing it and proving that it is our tradition to do it this way??

Even in cities like Bangalore (primarily in South India, where it is a bad omen to cover your head), the elders (of Hindu tradition) still scorn at the youth for letting their hair loose and still cite on how bad it is and bring in the tradition concept yet here again. However, in the Indu religion, no Goddess nor ghost has ever been spotted by tying their hair and they are always known for letting their hair loose and enjoying what is the true nature of them. With both the extremes enjoy being one with Nature, what exactly is our problem to let our hair be the way that we want to be??? 🙂