Trump – What the people saw?


Even with the master minds, the ivy leagues, the neutral journalists, the self informed citizens in place, how did we ever miss that Donald Trump’s to be the front runner of the Republican Party? With all the bad/paid press and the hatred statements aside, why would someone want to vote for this candidate? Let’s explore it from a human’s point of view.

1. My Home = My Country!
When the human race is put in front a danger, the standard reaction is to either fight or flee. And when the dust settles, all you see is a bunch of people of that land trying to rebuild their home there yet again. We have seen this since the time of Hiroshima blast to the recent Chennai floods. An immigrant always has a backup place called “Home” to go back to. But, what is about the people of the land? Why is it such a bad thing for the people of the land to expect for a basic right for them to live comfortably there?

2. Mind your own business, America!
America – A just another continent in the Planet Earth. A land which came to a dominant position after Britain lost its foot hold after the World War II. This dominant position in the current market has made them believe and behave as though they are the supreme power hub of the Planet. If America as a Country managed to mind its own business and thereby letting every other Country manage its own – we would not have created the problems of ISIS, refugees and immigrants in the first place. The Country once great has started losing its sheen and the people of the land want to believe in the dream that Mr.Trump has invested himself in, ie., To make America great again!

Why is it such a surprise to all of us, that a basic human need is to have a sense of pride, ownership in their Country, language and race. And why are we always focused on ignoring and destroying this basic need in the first place? If electrifying our fences is a means of protecting our home, why creating a Trump wall, isn’t a means of protecting their Country? Wouldn’t the World be much more simpler if the President of United States understands his role that he is the ruler for USA and not for the entire World?

How is that we talk about Democracy every time and give just one power packed seat to control the entire World? Why is that we believe when some one says peace can be restored only through War? Why is that a basic dream of living peacefully in your own back yard is still such a costly dream for most of us even in the 21st century?