What’s in a life?


Why is that our beautiful life just revolve around this one spiral? What exactly are we achieving by living a life of definitive milestones? On what basis, does this milestone qualify to a life that is well-lived? And what exactly are we achieving by living in this pre-defined pattern? Was this pattern there from the beginning of times? Was this pattern man-made or was it granted to us by the God Almighty himself? Let’s explore! 🙂

As kids, we strive so hard to master Algebra and the chemical compounds only to know that we will never use them in our lives; As adults, we struggle through our primal years of youth for that beautiful house only to know that it can be swayed away in a minute’s notice by a flood or an earthquake; And ofcourse, all of us have experienced deaths, heartbreaks and hurts to understand that anything and everything can change away in a moment’s notice. Yet still, why do we make such detailed plans? When the external factors contribute so heavily into our own living, how does any of these milestones that we set for ourselves make sense to us?

According to most religions, the journey of mankind (with its millions of reincarnations) is to become one with God or be the God himself (state of attaining liberation or mukthi). To attain that level of mental stamina and stability, shouldn’t we strive enough to be in a position (atleast on thought level) to be able to provide justice without any pre-conceived notions? Isn’t that the primary reason we leave it all to God when an act of injustice is showered upon us?

With all said and done, on our journey to become God himself (or herself), how could we still believe that reading and reciting the verses or the mantras will make you reach that status when you constantly discriminate and hurt people on the basis of caste, creed, religion, social status, and belief system? Why are we that dumb to not understand the basics that we would not be spared to be on the receiving end in the next birth??

With both the aspects (material and the philosophical) of life going on a toss, what exactly is the point of this life? And what exactly contributes to a life well lived?