Do Planets influence our lives?

Solar System

With the advancement of Science and technology, the mankind has stepped on the Moon and we have evolved to even think around colonizing the planets in our Milky Way Galaxy. However, even after so many radical shifts in our thinking, why do we still believe that the Planets influence our lives in a great way?

According to the Hindu religion, there are 9 planets orbiting around us and actively work on our future and they are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu. However, from Science’s point of view, we have only 8 planets in our Solar system excluding the dwarf planet Pluto. With no observation of Rahu or Ketu in the cosmic space, it is a quite natural that we can infer to a conclusion stating Science and religion don’t match.

Leaving aside the match making part or who is the Center of our Universe, let’s dig deep and see if our next door neighbor Moon can affect our lives! 🙂

Well! High tides occur on full Moon day and it is a firm belief that even were-wolves get high on this day! What is it from the Moon that can cause the water level in the sea be affected? Is it the gravitational pull (or energy?). If the basics of mankind (water, air, land) gets affected by the positional change of Sun and Moon (causing floods and droughts), isn’t it quite natural that the thought process of our minds would change accordingly. Is this what the people of our past were saying that it influences our lives? Or does it influence even more on the family, love, career and health prospects as well?

I’m not sure. But, instead of dismissing this piece as a hoax, why can’t we think around simulating the cause and effect of this on mankind.

1. If just having a full moon day every month can cause a high tide, what would happen if the Moon keeps moving towards the Earth? Would we be getting tsunamis everyday or would that wave height be the new norm?

2. Well! Gravity works pretty much like a rubber-band-ball. According to this article, if we happen to increase the gravity of Earth, any land-based organism would crush to the ground and decrease in gravity may make Earth fall apart. Why can’t we do a similar simulation around Earth and Moon relationship? Was the Moon much closer to Earth in the earlier days? Could that be a reason that we don’t see huge animals like Dinosaurs in the recent times?

3. What would happen if the Moon moves far away from us in the due course of time? Will it influence reduce and will no longer be a God and a planet?

4. With so much arguments going around whether to call Pluto a planet, how did somebody in the past erected temples everywhere and nobody questioned about it?

Image Credit: Author Unknown