Why Katappa killed Bahubali?

Our side

Katappa, the loyal and pious slave killed his own King. He killed the very own boy he raised! And surprisingly he still adores the man! – These were the primary thoughts that boggled everybody’s mind when the Part-1 of the famous movie “Bahubali” was released. However, as days passed and when we came on terms with the killing, the only question that lingered in our mind was, "What could have been the motivation factor for Katappa to kill Bahubali?"

Well! Our perceptions and thoughts went from an out rightly morally wrong situation to a million other reasons to justify the kill. This was such a massive thought process and just this question itself became a viral hit. Well! This brings us to an interesting perspective. Why do we really seek answers to questions even when we know for sure that it is out rightly wrong? What is that in the human gene that really looks for answers to rig the system? With the human mind functioning against us, how do we know that Justice is served in the society? Let’s take a look.

The Law of the land, well thought and laid out by great individuals to ensure justice to everybody. But, is that what is happening? Jayalalitha and Salman Khan are pronounced right in one verdict and wrong in the other. What are we really missing out to go to two extremes even after evaluating a case for so many years? Does this system really works on finding out the true side or has it completely evolved to just serve individuals who can beat the loop holes in the system better?

Yes. May be, it was man who created the current judiciary system and it is bound to fail. However if we consider the law of the God(religion) we should be in a good shape right? Unfortunately, that isn't helping us either. The good old Muslim and Christianity allowed and forgave people of their sins (act of killing and torture) in order to spread the word of God. The very own Hindu religion primarily dominated by the Brahmin community had once a law until 1930 stating that Brahmins need not be punished for any wrong-doing and just letting him know that he made a mistake is equivalent to having him sentenced for a life time. Aren’t these the perfect cases of the laws being dominated by the people in power?

This brings us to a few open questions:
With the laws of the religion and land failing us, what mode of law can we resort to find Justice? How is that we call India a one unified Country and still allow it to function under multiple laws? How is this even justifiable? How could we imagine justice being served in a system which is rigged and all odds are stacked up against us? With all this, what’s really the point of tying up the eyes of the Goddess of Justice?