Induism in HongKong – 4

The next post in this series, we will cover on the form of offering given to Gods.

1. Worshiping the Lord of the land:
This observation was made in the Wong Tai Sin temple, where the people worship the Lord of the land (both male and female goddess). Similarly, even in Induism, people worship the Lord of the land (aka Ellai Kaval deivam in Tamil). Literally translated this means the God who protects his province. This is very much similar to the concept of Police stations. Each and every police station maintaining their own jurisdiction. The offering of food is pretty much similar to that of Induism. The offering pretty much comprises of meat and fruits.


2. Liquid Offering:
Every Indu house hold will definitely contain a liquid holder (Pancha Pathram in Tamil), this will usually contain water (may be with some herbs like Tulsi etc.,) so that the God doesn’t feel thirsty at any time. During the new year, the liquid will usually contain 3 elements (Mango pieces in water for sour, neem flowers in water for bitter, jaggery in water for sweet). This is to represent that we have a balanced year ahead. Similarly, in Hong Kong in front of every diety, 3 small cups of liquid are present and these liquids could be just water, milk, tea, wine etc., depending upon the user’s preference.

3. Offering favorite food of the deceased:
You can see this form of offering in every Indu household. When the person dies, the form of offering includes everything that they like. This includes even offering alcohol, cigarettes, newspaper and the person’s spectacle etc., This practice proves to the deceased that we haven’t forgotten them and tries to make them feel loved and happy. Similar practice is observed in Hong Kong as well.
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