What did you cook for God today?


Of the 33 million Gods in the Hindu religion, there are a set of dedicated Family Gods (kula deivam in Tamil) for every family. As the name describes, these were the great people within the family who are now deceased and are now taking the ownership of protecting the family. Apart from this, there are also Gods of the land (kaval deivam in Tamil) who have taken the ownership of protecting their province. This is pretty much similar to the wise one in your family and to the set up of Police station/court etc., in the neighborhood.

We go to these wise and powerful individuals to seek counsel in day to day life. Similarly, we go to these temples to seek counsel for problems. Since these people are nothing but our forefathers, we keep displaying our love to them. What else is the better way of showing our love other than treating them with their favorite food! 🙂

Thankfully, the family God’s offering have not been urbanized with Domino’s Pizza and KFC Bucket Chicken yet and we still offer the same food that we intake as part of our regular day to day meal. eg., If a family eats non-veg, it means that your family was eating that as part of the meal (in the earlier days) and you serve the same food to the God who was eating it when he was a human earlier.

Assuming you love Mutton Biryani and people who love you know that you love it and just because of hearing a new info from some one, tries to just serve you with only sweet pongal for every meal all year long. For a day or two, it is ok and bearable. But, if this goes on for a year long. Just imagine how much will you get upset about?

Wouldn’t the same concept of eating the food you love apply to Gods as well?

We basically serve the Gods (or the great deceased humans) with what they liked when they were in human form. Allah discouraged alcohol; the Hindu goddess Maariamman loves egg, koozh (ragi porridge) and dried fish – that’s why you can see this quite famous in the August (aadi month) in Tamilnadu when the entire people flock the temple with these non-vegetarian food.

However, our heights of insanity is to such a great extent that, in the month of Aadi we serve the same goddess with the non-vegetarian food and try to bathe and detox ourselves (from the sin of eating non-veg) before entering the same temple on other days.

This leaves me with a few open questions:

  • Why would the same God who ate the same food a month back treat it as a sin now?
  • We basically offer the food to God assuming that he eats it or blesses it right? If that’s the case, what’s stopping us from serving some one the food he loves?
  • How is that in the Hindu tradition, the food is usually offered in the form of Bandhi and it is recommended to share and serve the food, whereas the Almighty God wants to have it privately in his chamber?
  • Assuming that the Almighty God can read our minds and thoughts, if that’s the case, wouldn’t the God know of our cheat sheets?
  • We are talking so much of Hinduism and Hindu Pride every day, why have we never thought of giving the basic food to the God on what he likes everyday?
  • How is that the same God who eats non-veg in temples and houses on certain months completely transforms and punishes you for eating non-veg the other days? Are we claiming him to be a hypocrite?