Is there Plastic in nature?

plastic in nature1

None of us need more Chemistry 101’s to know the presence of them in our Chemical lifestyle. Fluoride in tooth paste; Chroline in Water; Sulphur in Sugar; Ammonia in hair dye; Lead in food; MSG in Noodles etc., We did not give a damn about them in Schools and blamed Macaulay for the wider gap in the education system and now, the current Marketing team of every company advertises on the presence or removal of a chemical compound in their product and ensures that we don’t forget Chemistry! 🙂

With the current state of affairs, we are not just losing touch with nature; we are also ensuring to suffocate and kill the core. With Plastics turning out to be a messy affair and polluting air, water and soil, we are still not in a position to control their usage. It would be more ideal to say that, this Plastic is controlling our life style. All said and done, one question always remain. Is there really no alternative to Plastic? Can’t we really decompose it in a cleaner way? Is it true that the nature can answer every question that the human mind has? If that’s the case, what’s the alternative we can find in nature to Plastic??

With this question bogging in my mind, I just kept passing at these winged seeds everyday at work until when a Non-Indian friend of mine who saw it for the first time observed it be a plastic doppelganger! Well! The chord struck then and not wanting to waste on my Eureka moment, I just did some preliminary testing to see if this plastic looking wing composition be an alternative to the dreadful plastic itself 🙂

Basic Tests:
1. Water test: Soaked in water for more than 3 days, the plastic like wings did not get dissolved.
2. Fire Test: Tried to burn them. It released mild fumes (similar to paper) and the whole wing got crumpled in less than a second.
3. Bio-degradable: This when lands in soil, the wing slowly decomposes and leaves way for the seed to bloom itself into a plant.

Yes. Ofcourse! This is not a lab based testing and this is just a testing simulated at home. Will it be really an alternative to plastic is something that needs to be analyzed. However, this is the need of the hour and an alternative solution needs to worked out immediately.

On a side note, We were the smartest generation who ridiculed the use of yellow bags (bio-degradable cloth bags called as Manja pai in Tamil) by the local illiterate population and awed at the use of plastics and now trying to get back to the same tradition by saying jute is cute.

Is this what evolution, smartness and technical greatness really means to us??