Mahabharatam = World War?

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It doesn’t matter which day it is, just turn out a few pages of any newspaper and you will find this: enmity; hatred; threats; fist fights; terrorist attacks; cyber attacks; war for oil; war for power; war for race; war for religion; war for God and finally a war for peace.

To give an overall perspective and to keep us all enlightened, the newspapers keep throwing us fearful thoughts on World War 3 and what will happen if such a war was ever to happen. Will the World end? Will we all die? Who will manage to survive? Will there be another holocaust? Will it be just nukes this time? Who knows, there would have already been a startup which is heavily funded by China and secretly by Russia who has been working on to create cockroach like costume so as to survive the nuclear blast! 😀

However, the human race has evolved for over a million years and now trillions of people have lived and died in this very Earth. If we look at this in a large scale, its been just 100 years and we have already created 2 major World wars and we are seriously speculating and betting on the third. Well! This brings us to a basic question: Who maintains this count? Does this mean that there were no major wars that have been fought on Earth and are we the cruelest and the stupidest that the entire human race has ever seen??

Recently, I read the meaning of the word Mahabharatam in Tamil. It is split as follows:

Mahabharatam = Maha + Paar + atham = Big (periya) + World (ulagam) + destruction (azhivu)

well! You don’t need a Tamil expert to say the meaning of it. This means that this event is called as the biggest destruction ever faced in the planet Earth. This also means that there were multiple destructions (by wars or any other means) that kept happening on Earth and Mahabharatam topped it all and bagged the title!

This leaves us with a few open questions:
1. Who is the authoritative person to compare all the wars and name this war to be the most destructive of all?
2. Why did we as a human race, fail to keep track of a major war that caused innumerable destruction?
3. Why is that the greatest war of all times was not included in the current count of wars?
4. If not for literature or paintings or sculptures, what else is the way to keep transferring the data from one generation to another?
5. Since, I’m well versed in Tamil, I’m able to understand the meaning of commonly used words here. Does Mahabharatam mean the same when split up in every language in India? (leaving it for other linguistic readers to answer!) 🙂