Is the Moon male or female?


Take any Tamil (Telugu, Hindi or any Indian song), the hero always talks to the moon to pass on the message to his loved one or compares the Moon to the features of his beloved. And it is always ensured and widely believed that the coolness, sweetness of a Moon could always kindle the feeling of love and romance inside people. 🙂

However, when you enter any temple and you will find the Navagraha section in which Moon is depicted there as a male god. And we all seek solace from him.

How is that the same person (or an object) can act as a male for a religion and a female for literature? After all, the Hindu religion was researched well and created for a purpose right? If that's the case, why are we allowing such confusing facts?

Logically speaking, the Moon gets its power (heat=energy) from Sun. And Sun is always depicted as Male in the religion and literature. Why the confusion and controversy just for the Moon alone? For instance, let’s take an atom. An atom which when split liberates massive energy that is enough to kill anything near by and when that energy is diverted to a small and controlled means, we could generate electricity and reap millions of other benefits from it!!

Isn't the concept similar? The Sun which generates massive amount of energy doesn't allow anything to get generated in the planets near to it (for the abundance of energy) and to the planets far away from it (for the lack of energy). However, when the same source of energy diverted to Moon and when Earth receives it, the same energy is used for creating millions of things in this Planet Earth (including creating the life forms).

In the course of evolution, when something is stupid or non-radical, it gets withered away. The millions of people who lived for millions of years aren't stupid either. And comparing the Moon as female (ability to create life form here) has been living for ages and it is very much in common use till date. In that case, why didn't they (or we?) try to make the Moon as a female goddess?? If the above law is applicable (and there are written proofs in the Tamil text on the splitting of atom), why didn't we all start worshiping Atom as Sun and Electricity or any other byproduct of it as Moon??