What’s in a name?


The name Ashwini is written as Ashwini. But, if it is written as Ashhwineee. Then, it is very evident that I have recently visited a Nameologist or a Numerologist expert. Not so long ago, the exact angular position of star was not cross verified with 3 astrologers nor the parents deep dived and fasted in front of Google God to find a perfect name. Just a name to identify oneself in the billions present in this World and that was it. 🙂

However, the situation is different now. With so much money and energy spent on relooking at a name, it is no wonder that the new age experts started advertising saying that, adding an alphabet to your name changes your fate; writing your new name on this particular day at this particular time changes your fate; writing your name 5 times a day changes your fate; changing your name to Gazette changes your fate; re-branding yourself with a new name changes your fate.

Does it really? Let’s start breaking it into logical steps:

Let’s take an example of the name Krithiga, a common name in which people are named after the star in which they are born. So, does this name really work out for that person? Krttika (Hindi), Krittika (Bengali), Karttika (Malayalam), Karthikai (Tamil), Kruthike (Kannada). All of this are the same name of the same star which exists in the same position. How will just changing the alphabets in my name to denote the same meaning will help??

Ok. Assuming if that helps, how will adding and writing an extra character in the newly evolved English language will help? We all know that English language was created a well over 800 years. If that’s the case, from where did this English language get the power to change the character and the fate of the person all of a sudden??

For the new age Pandits who claim that transformation of a person’s fate can just occur if you change your name in official documentation (the Gazette). Really? When was the last time that the fate referred our name to Gazette to decide on what good fortune to shower upon us?

Agreed. It’s not the alphabet writing that matters, it is the sound that matters. If that’s the case, none of us are going to call our names and it is the other person who are calling our names. If that’s the case, how do we control the phoneme’s (vocal sounds and the vibrations) from the other person’s mouth? We Indians are so good at creating such big names for everything and finally abbreviating it for our convenience, how does this even help?

Agreed that we are re-kindling our long lost interest and trying to look at our ancestor’s theory with a new profound confidence. But, are we really looking at that in this perspective? Ok. A name changes the fate of a person. Where are the facts? what is the source that can bring about that change (is it the power of the language or the power of the sounds?). If it’s the language that has power, why are we restricting all those languages to communicate with God directly in the Sanctum Sanctorum?? If it is the power of the sounds, why don’t we still go ahead and remove the concept of writing completely?? Wouldn’t we be all much more powerful then by just talking??