Induism in HongKong – 3

The next piece in this series, we would be comparing the Gods that are worshipped in Hong Kong and comparing with that of India.

1. Kali in China
The chinese version (chinese person?) of the great Indian goddess Kali.
Chinese Kali

2. Hanuman in China (The Monkey God)
The Monkey God who was a part of the great epic Ramayana is very much present in Hong Kong as well. The local stories there revealed that he was the person who took great effort in collecting a lot of their ancient manuscripts.
Chinese Hanuman

3. Brahma in China
The Chinese version of the 4 headed God of Creation.

4. Deities decorated with Peacock feathers:
Peacock feathers are very much in use across the religions. Lord Murugan (son of Siva) has a peacock has his buddy, Krishna is known to have a peacock feather with him at all times. Go to any higher soul’s folks to bless you (Hinduism, Muslims, Yezhidi etc.,) and they would still use only peacock feathers to transmit the energy. And well! Again here, the deities here are decorated with Peacock feathers (in Tamil, Mayil Peeli)
Mayil Peeli

5. Local Gods:
Visit any local village temple, you would find body guards guarding the main God by sitting on their houses in alert positions. Similar set up here, again with body guards and multiple other Gods and Goddesses.
Local Gods

This particular observation and the similarity left me wondering!! Kali, Hanuman, Brahma all exist in China as well. Does this mean Hinduism was wide spread even in China in the ancient past?? Same Gods, same specifications(4 heads of Brahma sitting in a lotus etc.,).. Well! just with a different name. Does this mean were all the Gods and their category defined already?? Does the 33 million Gods that Hinduism claim to have is already a well calculated and defined number???