Who is the father of Hinduism?

Father of Hinduism

Take any department or division in school, college or an office. The head of the division is completely held responsible to answer some of the questions such as, on how many people are present in his department, what are the skill sets his team has, what is the weakness that is creating failures, what are the burning questions that the team has which needs to be addressed, how do they gauge their employees based on, what books or resources they refer to and a complete awareness on what is going on on the minds of his team. If he or she is not in a position to address this fact, then it is very evident that he or she cannot be a good leader and within no time, the dissatisfaction creeps in, the morale goes down, the results get affected and if this situation continues, the head gets fired and we are in search of a new leader.

This cycle just goes on and on.

Comparing this leadership quality that we look for in a leader at work with the existing leaders of the religion, I couldn’t help but think if the leaders of the current are qualified to even answer any of the burning question that we humans have?

– What is Hinduism or Christianity or any other religion mean?
– Why? When? and where? was it discovered or created?
– Who is the head (the decision maker) of this practice? Does the leaders believe and follow
communism or autocratic approach?
– What is the school of thought in this practice?
– What is the primary form of worshop?
– What is the ultimate philosophy behind this practice?
– What exactly is the crux of this religion?
– What is the concept of life that is described here? How can one form of life be greater than
other? How is a selfness mom be less when compared to a self-absorbed (or saintly) guru?
– What exactly is the purpose of life?
– Where does this religion stand on past, present and future life forms?
– What is the whole point behind doing good deed, bad deed, heaven, hell, birth, death etc., on
this Earth?….

The questions just goes on and on.

To me, when I think more on this subject, one thing is very clear. The current spiritual gurus are more like a clueless leader at work, who just try to get away with some short stories and a charismatic smile behind every pressing question that a human mind has. Somehow, to me it looks absolutely stupid to tune off your rational mind to just understand what some one says!

C’mon every working philosophy of the past has worked and still works only when you attune your mind (read: rational mind) towards it. With all that in place, why are we still getting fooled around by folks who are just trying to misguide us by false thoughts and fake promises?? Why are we still not ready to open up our minds and raise questions to the so-called spiritual gurus and put them to test?? How long are we still going to keep finding the so-called solace in a decorated lie??