Heaven or Hell – really?

Heaven hell

Pretty much all religions all over the World accept the form of life after death. Some, however do not believe in the concept of reincarnation. However, they all do believe in a life after death and that’s why we can see the excessive selling on the words Heaven and Hell. Hindus have a ceremony when they take the people to the door of heaven; Christians believe in the Judgement Day and the ancient Greece even goes on to save a penny for the Charon (The ferryman of Hades) to carry the new souls to the Under World.

According to these beliefs and customs, the sorting hat or the measuring scale puts you to heaven or hell just by the law of karma. As you sow, so you reap. Do good deeds and you will end up living a life with amazing people in the beautiful gardens of Eden. However, if you do bad deeds, you will end up living a life that is full of torture and sadness that is enough for you to repay your debts. (eg., We do go to the extent of burning the person in an oil filled wok, whipping them, making them live a low life that is ridiculed by everyone, left to torture in hell for eternity etc.,)

This extreme dramatization leaves us to the open questions:

1. Going by the popular reincarnation theory, if the above is true, why do we all suffer now? Ideally, we shouldn’t right.. as we should have balanced out all our sins in the past by either getting into the gardens of Eden or by getting boiled in a oily wok? Shouldn’t we all be ideally starting at ground zero? Nevertheless, Why is that with all of the pain already undertaken, why do we all still blame it on the karma. Any hiccup in life, why do we go around saying, “I’m not sure on what I did in the past, to face this problem now?”

2. None of us have heard a single case of the human body screaming in pain when cremated or even fed to the vultures, if that’s the case, who feels the pain? Is it the living body or the airy soul? If that’s the soul, how do you really put a fragment of air in an oily wok?

3. Why do we still go to each and every Astrologist on this planet and try to balance out our account books by offering huge amounts to the Brahmins (while performing death ceremony) as a mode of him taking away our sins? So, who exactly is collecting our sins? How is that, you can live a life of sin and still give away your sins to a poor (or rich?) Brahmin? Isn’t that the weirdest form of bribe and loophole in the system? Is the Almighty God that stupid to design a system that way?

This leaves me puzzled everytime. How are we still conditioned to believe all of these things even when the very thing that the Capitalistic religions does is rule us by our fears???