Induism in HongKong – 2

On this series of comparing the practice of the temples in Hong Kong with that of India, the next major observation was that of that of the Nayanmars and Aazhvars.

Nayanmargal & Aazhvargal:
In pretty much every temple in South India, you will witness a set of statues something like this. They are called Nayanmars. Induism currently has a count of 63 Nayanmars and 12 Aazhvars. with Induism claiming to have no ruling body of its own, I’m not sure who created this list in the first place or who has the right to add the people who lived in the recent past as well (eg., Aandal on the list of Aazhvars). This keeps dragging me to the open question that there should have been a governing body even for Induism as well?!


Back to the point, the Nayanmars and Aazhvars are the plain old human beings who lived and rose to the level of God by their acts of pure selflessness. And there are even recorded stories of so many of them who has actually seen, spoken had detailed conversations with them on a regular basis. Well! It’s not a surprise that they all treated the God as an husband/lover/friend/slave and what not? (Is the right word commmunism?? 🙂 )


There is even a Nayanmar, who is famously called as “Kalladi Nayanar” who used to pray to God by hitting the statue with a stone. In Tamil, Kalladi literally means the one who is hitting with stones. The Almighty God, still accepted this form of worship and gave him a permanent place to him in all of his temples. And here we are, fighting and killing each other in the name of him!

Nayanmar in Hong Kong:
Well! Here comes the similar deities in Hong Kong who are very much similar to the ones of Aazhvaargal and Naayanmaargal.

On the background of the below photos, you can see the Nayanmars of Hong Kong!! 🙂


Aazhvaargal part2