Mr.Brain! Out of here plz!


A world full of science! Science is where I can measure and weigh. Science is where I can calculate the precision of a rocket launch. Science is where I can print my houses using 3D technology and go on to analyze people’s thinking patterns. This science wakes me up on time, drives my car and even sets the right temperature to cook my food.

After all this, I’m wondering. Am I just limited to these mundane activities in life or am I so much more than that. Why is the same science which is so keen on the external aspects on my life somehow never bothers about the internals of it and dismisses it as a hoax every time it hears about it.

Why can’t I see a ghost? Why is it that every time we see a ghost in a haunted dark space and never bother to see a God on a bright sun light? Why is that my dreams cannot be a way for me to access the Universal consciousness and it is only a concept left for the theorists to explore? Why is every visible case of human under the influence of super natural forces have to be a placebo for a suppressed emotion?

How can I still say that the science in this World is applying and living by the laws when it doesn’t care about vast majority of the cases. Why does this beautiful thing called Science be so tied up to the religious World? Isn’t Science nothing but any mind’s natural way of thinking? Then, why does the so-called religious leaders have a say on that? Whosoever it may be, how can a messenger of God be allowed to suppress the natural thought process of a human mind?

There was a time when a religion had the final say to kill a rational mind because he claimed that the World is round. The centuries have passed yet the situation hasn’t changed. Now, we are more equipped to kill someone over a joke!

The minute, the great human mind decided to surrender the World’s most unique creation called Brain into the hands of the law maker, that minute, the scientific laws of the Earth stopped applying in this World!