A dent in the Universe – really?


When the whole World is talking about how Software is eating the World and how they are working towards creating a dent in the Universe I couldn’t help but think if we are working to even create a scratch in the Universe?

Recent Research:(Computers that know how you feel will soon be everywhere)
With the recent research laid out by MIT, now computers will be able to sense human reactions and based upon those reactions, we can create some interesting and unique experiences for user (combining this with AI) and also now companies will have a chance to understand and serve their customers better. As it goes with any new invention, there goes the usual disclaimer. The technology may be very good at reading your emotions. But humans will have to take care how to act on them. After all, we are blessed with the 6th sense right?

Truly ground breaking!
Talk to any sensible human and ask him to spot a depressed vs an happy face. He will be able to spot it immediately. He has done it in the past and he will be able to do it over and over again in the future. We have now fed this data to a system which can understand it and possibly make some predictions!

What are we achieving through this?
Apart from understanding and creating experiences for the user, NGO’s can also use this may be to spot a person who is about to go through depression and through which we can possibly control the number of suicides that can come across or you can probably sell it to a Pharmacy and he can work on trying to sell a particular drug to this person and either way it helps!

Why are we truly focused on understanding the human emotion?
It never was a rocket science and never will be one on understanding humans. The simple rule is that “Spend time with them and you can understand them better!” And this was the thing that won and still wins our heart over any business model or cuddling pillows. A honest and friendly guy who helps me pick my first car, a simple fruit cart vendor asking me why I look so tired today or a genuinely caring doctor who knows what I’m going through on a personal front and suggests my medication accordingly or a true friend whom I can trust and call at 3 AM in the morning wins on any given day!! We all know this person and we want to reach this person, help this person because we know care for each other!

With so much focus on the technology to replace even the basics of human emotions sustainable? Making me more lazy to buy my house hold item (Amazon Dash) or predicting a teen girls’ pregnancy (Target) or trying to automate messages to your girlfriend (BroApp) sustainable? Does converting and predicting every single human emotion as a marketable product really help anybody truly in the long run?

I’m completely amazed and awed at the thought process we put on eliminating the mundane things of life to a halt and working on creating a better and balanced lives. But are these actions or products even taking a step towards achieving any of it?

Wouldn’t a truly caring human interaction solve this problem in a much simpler fashion??