Pls support Indian Non Vegetarian!

Food Choice

Be it the confusion around the choice of meat (yes to chicken and no to beef) or the choice of day (no non veg on Mondays as Lord Shiva doesn’t seem to like it and yes on Wednesdays as I seem to love it). No wonder, the non-vegetarians of India are the most ridiculed folks on the planet. With messages floating around saying “Humans were not intended to eat meat” or “Eating non-veg is the cause for all diseases” or “I cannot believe you cannot let go of non-veg for a day in the name of God” to “I cannot believe how non-vegetarians say they love dogs”. I couldn’t help but think how confused and naive we all are to the feelings and emotions of our fellow humans:

Yes! I’m a non-vegetarian and here’s why I don’t feel guilty eating it and instead cherish it.

1. I’m not killing anyone:
Scientifically, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Humans, animals and plants all fall in this category. If plucking an entire carrot plant is not killing for you, eating a chicken isn’t killing for me.

2. All my Gods love Non-Veg:
Be it the famous Shiva (now pls don’t tell me he uses Deer prints as a mat and wears a tiger print cloth as a wrap around!) or Kali or the family god (kula deivam in tamil). All of them love meat. I love them and I don’t think they have any problem in me eating meat and so yes I eat meat!

3. I really really really love Non-Veg:
I love non-veg and this is intertwined in my life culturally since my birth. Be it white shark for lactation during child birth or country chicken eggs for bone strength during puberty or to a crab soup for a common cold. We have a specific non-vegetarian food for every occasion and I look to it to provide me the necessary energy for my existence.

As they say, milk is nothing but the blood of the mother turned white. You prefer it white; I prefer it red and that’s where we differ!!