Is India secular?

Is India Secular

A just another casual conversation:
Two strangers, A Hindu Girl (HG) & a Christian Nun (CN) meet in the bus. After sharing a smile, their conversation continues.

CN: Hi, what do you do?
HG: I’m doing my 3rd year college here. How about you? Are you new to Bangalore?
CN: Yeah. Pretty new. It’s been just a few days and it’s been really nice.
… Another 2 minutes of generic conversations later…
CN: Have you ever been to a Church?
HG: Oh! Yeah! I have been and I love it a lot. It sort of gives me a different peace when I enter there.
CN: Wow! That’s nice to know.
HG: How about you? Have you ever been to a temple?

Grabbing a snapshot from a very casual conversation. Now, let’s jump on to the perspectives:

“I’m enlightened by the media” ‘s point of view:
The Hindu: Can you just believe she almost asked me to get converted to her faith and I managed to run far away from it!
The Christian: Can you just believe she almost asked me to be “back to my roots?” And I managed to run away from it!

“I’m fighting for the benefit of our people”‘s point of view:
The Hindu:
Can you really believe that these people are basically Hindus and they are living in India which is a Hindu country btw and they still try to convert and colonize us in the name of religion. Isn’t this the reason behind them targeting the poor? To increase their head count and spread their power? We shouldn’t let this continue. Let’s educate every Hindu family about this and let’s not stop fighting until the peace is restored!

The Christian:
I’m feeling totally threatened to be in this country. This county treats me more on the lines of minority and the way things are they would never ever give me the right to practice and live in my belief system. The Church and the fellow people all around the World will support us here against the brutal force. Let’s call them for help and if we are united and raise our voice, we are sure to succeed. Let’s not stop fighting until the peace is restored!

A Human’s point of view:
Wow! That was a great conversation I had today. Came to know about a great person called Jesus Christ who rose to become a God for the compassion and love he had for his fellow people and I also came to know about a great guy called Krishna who was a great person and rose to become a God for his actions on setting up justice in this World.

Surprisingly, both the acts were of great men who loved their fellow beings and here we are totally insecure and stupid over our blinded belief on them. How can any of the acts that we do right now, will ever give us the much hyped secular status if we are totally insecure about everything and completely leave the humanity behind??

Choose where you stand and don’t be blinded by the drama all around!

#ChooseBeingHuman – It’s worth it!