How to create cool ideas?


Over the years, I have seen people who are truly Innovative and for whom Innovation has become a just another regular part of the process. The ones who keep breaking the barriers that are laid out and keep creating ground breaking solutions. If you are not that someone (yet) and want to get into the habit of breathing pure fresh thoughts (aka Innovation), the below are some sure shot ways to get started.

1. Practice the “Why” Hour!
Ask questions. Don’t assume anything. Let’s say, you are driving. Keep asking questions yourself on Why you are driving on the left pane of the road. Why not right? Was driving in India always on the left? Just keep questioning the basics and you will be surprised by the level of thoughts your brain can produce and how liberated you can truly become.

2. Doodle:
Doodling is one sure way to release your suppressed thoughts. Keep doodling/drawing/writing on a day to day basis on what ever comes to your mind. You will be surprised by how much stress free you are and how much peacefully you can sleep. Being free from stress and a good night’s sleep is one must have to be truly creative.

3. Pause. Think. Pause. Rethink:
Always think on the end result. What am I doing this for and how will people be benefited from this and then move on to implement it on every solution and you will be surprised by the cool thoughts your brain can produce.

Eg., Take a note of this poster.
Why a regular (boring) poster, that says Innovation 101? Why can’t I just strike it out if I just hate it and give a cool new name for this thought process? With these thoughts in mind, the idea of a new poster that still captures the attention of the users came in place!

#BeInnovative and discover yourself more in the process! The rest will follow!