Is passion in work overrated?


Passion – An obsession, a craze, a yearning desire, a blind rage! These Synonyms of passion lead to just one meaning – an uncontrollable emotion! By keeping your emotions at bay, reach a state of zen and thereby float through your day is a thing that tops the ideology of the bestselling books of the day! Find the passion and keep winging its fire until the day when it breathes nothing but pure awesomeness! The minute you find your passion, the work you do will no longer be a chore and the number of hours you put in on your job will never be a problem!

An excellent tagline for the new age gurus and just talking about this over and over can just bring me millions of dollars in royalty! But really is this passion such a magical bullet that it can transform your life upside down? If this is the crux of the natural state of a being, why are so many people running all around to discover their passions? And does this passion truly liberate you as a person from the confined realities of life?

My definition of passion = I believe in this! I love this! I enjoy doing this!

This can be anything! I believe in myself. I love eating out and I enjoy going out with my friends. I love spending time with my family. I love binging on my favorite serials. I love travelling. I love reading a lot and I enjoy writing about the things that I’m fascinated about. This list of my love can go on and on. And yeah! I love my job and enjoy doing it too!

Of all the things that I’m passionate about, I enjoy doing every bit of bit and for this every bit, I need the much less hyped element called time. With this secret sauce in place, how can I just say I found my passion for my work and I’m ready to let go of pretty much everything in the World to just savor it? Isn’t this passion is something that we feel in every nerve of our body? From when on did the number of hours qualify the level of passion that we have and from when on it started demanding the number of hours that we spend? Yes! We all are aware of the 10,000 hours of practice that we need to put in to excel at. But how can this concept of 10k hours be just clubbed into a day? How can we sustain the greatness in our lives if the entire focus in just on one tiny part of it? How can it still be called love when this thing is turning out to be an obsession in every sense?

Hard work turned out to be the great mantra for smartness and getting more work done by the Industrialists in the Rockefellar’s era, isn’t our much celebrated passion turning out to be one in the Zuckerberg’s era??