Why do Indians suck at Marketing?


Being raised in an Indian society, I have always been taught the one thing. “Don’t boast anything. Your work (deed or anything under the sun) should speak for itself!” And the society itself ridiculed the ones who boasted. Naturally, being humble was the new cool way back then. Now, however the rules of the game are changed.

Right now, We market a product for a market (that is artificially created) and for an audience who doesn’t need it. This mantra of marketing falls under 3 categories:

We make you buy our product

– By either scaring you (you are a marriageable material – only when you’re fair skinned)

– By making you feel shy (you won’t get a hot girl with your regular body odor)

– By bringing in an element of surprise (just drink this thing and your IQ will match that of Einstein)

The multi billion dollar industry (marketing and advertising) mostly just thrives on this very principle. This isn’t such a great trick to learn and this simple trick now feeds millions of people with trillions of dollars! It’s quite understandable that the corporates are behind this technique to mint money. But, what’s quite surprising is the fact that the religions of the present all intend to do the same thing!!

Scare (You will be banished in hell or the god will tend to punish you if you don’t fast on a particular day!)

Shy (You make the God impure if a non Hindu enters the temple premises or you’re not a true believer of God if you’re son/daughter marries someone from the other religion!)

Surprise (You can never see God even though there are records from lot of people who have seen them or anything that the heads cannot answer right now is supposed to be a mystery by the holy will of God and it’s better we leave it that way! 🙂 )

This indeed is very clearly a new era of marketing that is under taken by the so called religious heads of pretty much all the religions.

Leaving aside the above thoughts, even though how great the marketing is, when the product is not upto the mark, it never sells! However, this concept of religion has risen beyond time again and again, it surely has to have something worth inside to be explored!

With these facts in place, I can’t help but think on what exactly is marketing? Does talking high about myself or the product I endorse so superficial if it in no way has any meaningful value to the end user? Or is it plain brutal if I’m working against the soft spots of human mind just for my personal gain? I’m not too sure. But is it really worth the time and effort on worrying about the colorful wrappers all around rather than focusing our energy on what’s beneath it??